Whirlpool Split AC (SPOW 218) 1.5 Ton

Whirlpool Split AC (SPOW 218) 1.5 Ton

Whirlpool Split AC (SPOW 218) 1.5 Ton

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  • 6TH SENSE® Power Saver Technology
  • Self-Diagnosis
  • Auto Cleaning
  • MPFI Technology
  • Hidden Display
  • Metal-Enclosed Fire Proof Control Box
  • Jet Turbo Cool Technology
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Switch off the Summer


6TH SENSE® Power Saver Technology

The unique 6th Sense® Power Saver Technology automatically Sense®s the room temperature, controls the AC compressor accordingly and delivers optimum cooling. Even as the room is chilled instantly, energy saving is maximum and the running cost is at a minimum.

Currently controlled by a microprocessor inside AC, Power Saver 6th Sense® detects room temperature and airflow controls accordingly.

This alignment helps to save up to 20% in electricity bills.


Cools Even at 55° C

The compressor optimizes peak hour performance to deliver maximum cooling even in extreme temperatures of up to 55° C*.


6TH SENSE® Power Saver

Currently controlled by a microprocessor inside AC Power Saver 6th Sense® detects room temperature and airflow controls accordingly. This alignment helps to save up to 20% in electricity bills.


6TH SENSE® Auto Restart

Air Conditioner restarts after power interruption by maintaining the user’s previous setting. Therefore, no need to set the temperature and fan speed every time.


6TH SENSE® Sleep

This feature allows the AC to keep pace with changes in metabolism automatically human body at night. This means that the set temperature increases by 1°C per hour, up to 2°C every two hours, ensuring that the user does not feel too cold at night. Besides offering optimal comfort, this feature also enables significant savings of energy.




This smart AC has a real-time monitoring process that self-diagnoses any malfunction.


Auto Cleaning

The Blower Motor keeps on working for 30 seconds even after switching off the unit through Remote control. This is mainly to remove moisture & impurities which are normally stuck in the cooling coil resulting in Bacteria formation. So, whenever the unit is switched on next time, it should not produce bad smell while starting.

MPFI Technology

The advanced Multi Port Fluid Injection uses a unique 4*4 evaporator circuit design for a rapid heat exchange resulting in enhanced cooling capacity and power saving.

*(1.0T has 3X3)

Hidden Display

This display seamlessly blends into the design and can be hidden or revealed as per your choosing.


Metal-Enclosed Fire Proof Control Box

At Whirlpool safety comes first. Adhering to strict international & American safety standards it comes with a metal shell with a fireproof case for the control box.

Jet Turbo Cool Technology

Provides Instant comfort with super-fast cooling, enabled by advanced optimization of software and hardware.

AC Free installation:
Copper tube connectivity: up to 10 feet
Power connection by customer (must pay extra if Air Care provides that).

Must pay Outdoor Iron Frame separately, in cash Tk. 1,500 after delivery, per unit. 

Wall type frame or, floor type frame (any One).

Free delivery: Within DMP areas only.



  • Compressor: 03 years
  • Spare-parts: 01 year
  • Service: 01 year (2 basic services + On-call)


  • To claim warranty customer must keep and show warranty card or, invoice copy (mentioning warranty terms).
  • Image shown in this item may not always with physical product always.
  • Once goods sold, after installation can not be returned, replaced or exchanged.
  • For more check our Terms and Conditions, Refund and Return, Privacy Policy and Warranty policy.
Specifications Applicable for

180 Square Feet ; Height – 10 feet (Except Top Floor)



Main features:

Automatic restart
JET function
Auto Clean System
Type Single split air conditioner type
Type of cooling : Cooling only
Energy class (Cooling): A ++
Color (indoor / outdoor unit): white / white
White LED display
Remote control

Technical parameters

Cooling capacity (BTU / h): 18000
SEER cooling (W / W): 6.1
Drying (l / h): 1.5
Refrigerant R22


6TH SENSE® : Yes
Around U: Yes
JET Function: Yes
SLEEP function: Yes
Auto-restart: Yes
Automatic defrosting of outdoor unit: Yes
Auto Clean System: Yes

Air filtration

Pre-filter (Washable): Yes
HEPA filter: Yes

Electrical parameters

Voltage / Frequency (V/Hz) 220V-240V / 50Hz
Noise level indoor unit (DBA): min. 26
Noise level indoor unit (DBA): max. 56
Noise level outdoor unit (DBA): 64

Additional information

Payment Option

Cash/ Online Payment, EMI-03 Months, EMI-06 Months, EMI-09 Months, EMI-12 Months, EMI-18 Months, EMI-24 Months, EMI-36 Months


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