EMI Details

Bank name and interest rate details

Bank Names3 Month6 Month9 Month12 Month18 Month24 Month30 Month36 Month
Bank Asia Limited34.56.58.5    
BRAC Bank Limited34.56.58.511.515.5  
City Bank Limited34.56.58.511.515.516.519.5
Dhaka Bank Limited34.56.58.5    
Dutch Bangla Bank34.56.58.511.515.5 19.5
Eastern Bank34.56.58.511.515.5 19.5
Jamuna Bank34.56.58.511.515.5 19.5
Lankabangla Finance3. 19.5
Mutual Trust Bank34.56.58.511.515.5 19.5
NCC Bank34.56.58.511.515.5 19.5
Shahjalal Islami Bank34.56.58.5    
Southeast Bank34.56.58.511.515.516.519.5
Standard Bank34.56.58.511.515.5  
Standard Chartered Bank35.5810.513.517.5 22.5
NRB Commercial Bank Ltd34.56.58.511.515.5  
NRB Bank Limited34.56.58.511.515.5 19.5
Meghna Bank Limited34.56.58.511.515.5  
SBAC Bank34.56.58.511.515.5  
Midland Bank Ltd34.56.58.511.515.5  

Note: Air Care reserves right to change, update or cancel the above interest rate without prior notice at any time.