3 tips to keep your Air-conditioner healthy

Tips for air-conditiner

3 tips to keep your Air-conditioner healthy

Air-conditioner may not so expensive for all nowadays but for few. Still, we can’t just change our air conditioner like we change our cell-phone. Whatever, it is a cellphone or air-conditioner both require care. Here we have 3 effective tips for you to keep your air-conditioner healthy and fit.

  1. Yearly Maintenance Plan– To keep your air-conditioner fit and long-lasting, you must make your yearly maintenance plan. Your maintenance plan would be incomplete without service. 4 professional services would complete your yearly maintenance plan without any hassle, but it would be a little bit costly. A few steps can decrease the number of services from 4 to 2. Replace one basic service with a hydro-wash can skip your two basic services and keep your AC fit for almost 6months.
  2. Clean your Air-conditioner’s filter– Clean your Air-conditioner’s filter 2 times in a month. 2times filter cleaning in every month stops dust blocking its holes and let air flows without any impediment, which just not only keeps you air-conditioner good but also stop germs to cause any kind of flu. [N.B: Don’t do it if you don’t have any knowledge about opening it.]
  3. Keep your Air-Conditioner’s temperature on ideal number: We often can’t understand, which temperature is good for keeping room temperature suitable. We frequently change our Air Conditioner’s temperature according to how we feel cold or warm. Sometimes, we repeatedly turn off and on; but that’s not why we should run our Air-Conditioner. Trust me, this just interrupts the machine’s function and slow down its ability. I know, you’re thinking which temperature is suitable for your room then. It’s quite simple and near to your guess. 24. Keep your AC temperature at 24 and let your AC own run smoothly. Keeping temperature at 24 let your ac function automatically according to its plan and helps to get you a better cold, refresh and suitable room environment.

These three tips won’t keep technician away from you. You must know technicians can only repair and clean ac properly but taking care of it is your responsibility. keeping air-conditioner clean can avoid frequents parts replacement and keep unexpected flu far away from you.

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